Hi. I’m Jared Szpak.

I was one of those ultra skinny kids growing up where seemingly no matter what I did I couldn’t add a pound of mass to my nothing frame. I was fed up and tired of being teased for my size. So the journey began in high school when my parents bought me a small weight set complete with a bench, barbell, dumbbell handles and a few plates. Instantly I was hooked. Nothing quite compares to a weight training session. It’s a battle against yourself seeing how far you can go mentally and physically. How much can you tolerate before you break. Seeing that threshold change week to week and ultimately seeing the changes in your physique from week to week as your body adapts, there is nothing quite like it. Fitness became my new passion.

Now fast forward a decade and then some…

As a former engineer I know what life is like as a busy professional. I know the toll that years of sitting in a cubicle did to my body. I know that work emergencies pop up and you end up getting stuck at the office longer than you planned. I know the feeling of not being happy with the way my body looks anymore and being bombarded with conflicting information on how to change.

So over the last 10 plus years I have been studying from the best in the business. In a pursuit to turn my passion into my new profession I became a certified personal trainer and nutrition coach. I have been on a relentless quest to increase and deepen my knowledge based on science and in the trench experience.

I now train and coach those busy professionals who want to change but don’t have the time and/or knowledge to get there on their own. I supply you with simple habits and strategies to follow to get your nutrition on track. I also prescribe metabolic enhancing workouts that burn fat and help restore movement to the body.

Jared Szpak, PE, CPT, PN1

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